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ROS 1 Tutorial Visualize Point Cloud

ROS 1 Tutorial Visualize Point Cloud

This section demonstrates how to enable point cloud data output from the camera node and visualize it using RViz, similarly to the initial camera node setup discussed in the Starting Camera Node document.


Enabling Depth Point Cloud

Command to Enable Depth Point Cloud

To activate the point cloud data stream for depth information, use the following command:

roslaunch orbbec_camera gemini_330_series.launch enable_point_cloud:=true

Visualizing Depth Point Cloud in RViz

After running the above command, perform the following steps to visualize the depth point cloud:

  1. Open RViz.
  2. Add a PointCloud2 display.
  3. Select the /camera/depth/points topic for visualization.
  4. Set the fixed frame to camera_link to properly align the data.
Example Visualization

Here is what the depth point cloud might look like in RViz:


Enabling Colored Point Cloud

Command to Enable Colored Point Cloud

To enable the colored point cloud feature, enter the following command:

ros2 launch orbbec_camera enable_colored_point_cloud:=true

Visualizing Colored Point Cloud in RViz

To visualize the colored point cloud data:

  1. Launch RViz following the command execution.
  2. Add a PointCloud2 display panel.
  3. Choose the /camera/depth_registered/points topic from the list.
  4. Ensure the fixed frame is set to camera_link.
Example Visualization

The result of the colored point cloud in RViz should look similar to this:

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