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Since 2013, Orbbec has been on a mission to democratize 3D vision technology, by developing a full-stack platform for industry solution developers and delivering smart products with exceptional performance and value.

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3D vision technology enables the efficient application of AI vision in the intelligent era.

Mike McSweeney

Vice President of Sales

Based in Jupiter, FL, Michael brings over 25 years of sales experience, specializing in managing global distribution and collaborating with some of the world’s largest and most complex OEMs. Transitioning from Intel RealSense to Orbbec, he is laser-focused on cultivating new business opportunities for Orbbec, expanding customer outreach, and maximizing sales productivity.

David Chen

Co-Founder and Head of Products

With a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics specializing in optical measurement systems, David cofounded Orbbec in 2009 and has grown the company to be a trusted global brand in 3D vision technology solutions.

Based in Troy, MI, he oversees the company’s global operations.

Amit Banerjee

Head of Platform and Partnerships

Amit is building a platform to democratize 3D vision with high performance, programmable cameras coupled with AI and cloud.

Based in the Bay Area, CA, he works with a strong ecosystem and drives innovative use of 3D vision and AI in robotics, manufacturing, logistics, healthtech and fitness industries.

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