Astra Series

The Astra series is the first family of 3D cameras from Orbbec. Astra series are based on structured light technology with Orbbec designed ASIC for high quality depth processing and single cable USB 2.0 power + connectivity. The Astra (long-range), Astra S (short-range) and Astra Pro Plus (high resolution RGB) versions provide developers with the freedom to select the right camera best suited for their application needs. The Orbbec OpenNI SDK makes it easy to setup and deliver highly accurate and reliable data for in-door operation.

Field of View at 58.4° Horizontal and 45.5° Vertical
High quality depth data output from 0.4-8m (depending on camera model)
Up to 30 fps at 640X480 depth
Up to 30 fps at 1280X720 RGB resolution (Astra Pro Plus)
Support USB 2.0 power and data operation

Astra Series


Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyStructured Light
Depth Range*0.6-8m, 0.4-2m (S)
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 640X480@30fps
Depth FOVH58.4° V45.5°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 1920X1080@30fps (Pro Plus), 640X480@30fps
RGB FOVH66.1° V40.2° (Pro Plus), H63.1° V49.4°
ProcessingOrbbec ASIC

*Precision: ±3mm @ 1m

Physical Parameters
Data ConnectionUSB 2.0 Type-A
Power InputUSB 2.0 Type-A
Power ConsumptionAverage <2.4W
Operating Environment10℃ - 40℃; Indoor; 10%-85%RH 
SDK SupportOrbbec OpenNI SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR or RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)165mm x 48mm x 40mm
InstallationBottom: M6


3D cameras can provide accurate and precise measurements of package dimensions, improving logistics and shipping accuracy.
Fall Prevention
Depth camera can provide an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for both the user and their family.
3D Modeling
Using a 3D camera to do product 3D modeling is an simple,accurate, effective method

Case Studies​

Cogvis is making the lives of the elderly easier and safer
Fitness smart mirror using a depth camera is a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their fitness level and track their progress in a fun and interactive way.
How Tricolops is Revolutionizing Parcel Dimensioning for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

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