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  Research & Development

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan and design mechanical equipment and systems throughout installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of various projects;
  • Apply the 3D principle and 3D camera technology to the fundamentals, specifications and applications of our products in various application scenarios with all the features such as designing and performing Fatigue Analysis; using optical methods including speckle pattern interferometry, digital image correlation, three-dimensional computer vision, and laser triangulation; with applications to measurement of displacement, strain/stress, vibrational mode, material properties, three-dimensional shape, quality inspection and nondestructive testing.
  • Gather information from customers on their needs and design the feasible system to match their demands.
  • Evaluate the advantage and typical use case of each product and develop the mathematical tools that are utilized in the analysis of data;
  • Provide supports to customers in developing the 3D camera system for optical measurement or inspection;
  • Perform study of mechanical behavior of optical materials and how they influence mechanical designs;
  • Provide technical support and troubleshooting services. Test and identify issues addressed by the customers. Analyze failure environment, evaluate different materials used in the scenario. Propose efficient solutions to meet goals of customers’ unique needs; and
  • Collaborate with R&D department to redesign, optimize and develop new projects. Analyze, evaluate, and overcome program risks and recommend design modifications.


Job requirements:

  • Must have a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related field. A foreign equivalent is acceptable.
  • Must have taken undergraduate courses : Optical Measurement and Quality Inspection; Fatigue Analysis and Design; Mathematical Analysis for Engineer and Materials Property and Processes.
  • No regular travel or supervisory duties required.


Please mail resumes to Qing Li, Orbbec 3D Technology International, Inc. 2800 Livernois Rd. Suite 200, Troy, MI, 48083.

Business Development

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