Gemini 335L

Orbbec Gemini 330 series of Depth + RGB cameras combine active and passive stereo vision technologies for seamless operation in indoor and outdoor conditions. Equipped with Orbbec’s latest custom ASIC, the depth image computation and the depth to color spatial alignment function is processed inside the camera allowing for precise operation over time and reduced dependency on expensive external computers. The cameras are programmable for a variety of depth operating modes to adapt to different application scenarios. Flexible and rich frame synchronization mechanisms make multi-camera operations easier and scalable.

The Gemini 335L has a baseline of 95mm and with IP65 rating, can be used in industrial environments. It is easy to set up and operate with the Orbbec SDK and the camera delivers extremely accurate and reliable data in various lighting conditions, ranging from pitch black to outdoor environments.

Active/passive stereo ensures reliable performance in dynamic environments.
Outdoor and indoor operations with IP65 rating
Built-in depth and RGB image processing
Depth Measurement Accuracy: a Spatial Precision (Root Mean Squared Error: RMSE) of less than 0.8% for depth measurements at 2m
Wide Field of View at 90° Horizontal and 65° Vertical
Precise synchronization of depth and color frames; supports multiple-device synchronization.

Gemini 335L


Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyStereo
Depth Range*0.17 - 10m (Optimal Range: 0.5 - 6m)
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 1280X800@30fps
Depth FOVH90° V65°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 1280X800@60fps
RGB FOVH94° V68°
ProcessingOrbbec ASIC

* Spatial Precision: ≤ 0.8% (1280 x 800 @ 2m & 90% x 90% ROI), ≤ 1.6% (1280 x 800 @ 4m & 80% x 80% ROI)

Physical Parameters
Data ConnectionUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power InputUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power ConsumptionAverage < 2.7W
Operating Environment-10℃ - 50℃
SDK SupportOrbbec SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)124mm x 29mm x 27mm
InstallationBottom: ¼-20UNC; Back: 2x M4


Inspection Robots
3D cameras provide outdoor inspection robots with advanced three-dimensional data capture and analysis capabilities, enabling automated outdoor inspection tasks. These cameras allow robots to accurately identify and assess the condition of outdoor facilities, detect potential safety hazards, and play a crucial role in maintenance and upkeep, adapting to variable outdoor environments.
AMR/Autonomous Mobile Robots
3D cameras capture three-dimensional images of the environment, enabling AMRs to achieve precise positioning and path planning in complex indoor and outdoor scenes. They enhance the AMRs’ perception of surrounding obstacles and improve their autonomy and safety during task execution, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
Industrial Robotic Arms
3D cameras capture precise three-dimensional spatial data, enabling large industrial robotic arms to perform lifting, structural assembly, or large-scale production operations with precise positioning and flexible control. This ensures that large robotic arms can handle bulky workpieces or complex scenarios with meticulous detail, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.
Humanoid Robots
3D cameras provide humanoid robots with keen visual perception, capturing and analyzing rich three-dimensional space data, allowing robots to more accurately and flexibly simulate human behaviors and perform complex tasks. The integration of 3D cameras enables humanoid robots to perform personalized services, medical assistance, or home care tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency.
Human Body Reconstruction
3D cameras precisely capture the human body’s 3D shape, offering detailed data for reconstruction processes. This technology advances medical, fitness, and fashion industries by allowing for customized services like surgical simulations, athletic analyses, and tailored clothing designs, ensuring high precision and personalization.

Adapt Everywhere

Unmatched Versatility for All Environments: engineered to excel both indoors and outdoors, and in varied lighting conditions, offering enhanced adaptability with its advanced sensors and IP65 environmental protection.

Power at the Edge

Advanced Edge Processing with MX6800: featuring the advanced MX6800 depth engine ASIC, with enhanced processing speed, reduced latency, and boosted responsiveness for real-time decision-making.

See Further and Better

Enhanced Field of View with No Blind Spots: extended depth measurement capabilities without sacrificing accuracy, ideal for applications requiring excellent performance over greater distances.

Reliability in Complexity

Dual Stereo Technology for Complex Environments: Integrating both active and passive stereo technologies, optimized for performance in dynamic lighting and complex scenarios, consistently delivering stable and reliable depth measurements consistently.

Enhanced Dynamic Precision

Superior Motion Compatibility: handling motion more effectively with global shutter sensors, capturing clear and accurate imagery even in high-speed situations.

Synchronized Excellence for Advanced Applications

Multimodal Perception and Advanced Synchronization: seamless multimodal perception with unified hardware timestamps and precise multi-device coordination, providing complex multi-tasking capabilities for VSLAM and 3D scene reconstruction with even greater precision in challenging environments.

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