Gemini 335

Orbbec Gemini 330 series of Depth +RGB cameras combine active and passive stereo vision technologies for seamless operation in indoor and outdoor conditions. Built on Orbbec’s latest custom ASIC MX6800 and high-performance optical system, Gemini 330 series continuously expands its product portfolio through modular extensions to flexibly meet the needs of diverse application scenarios.

Gemini 335 is one of the flagship products of Gemini 330 series. It has a 50mm baseline and is IP5X rated. It is easy to set up and operate with the Orbbec SDK and the camera delivers extremely accurate and reliable data in various lighting conditions, ranging from pitch black to outdoor environments.

Gemini 336 continues the core design and excellent performance of Gemini 335, and enhances depth imaging quality in specific scenarios by adding an IR-Pass filter. Explore Gemini 336.

Active/passive stereo ensures reliable performance in dynamic environments.
Outdoor and indoor operations
Built-in depth and RGB image processing
Depth Measurement Accuracy: a Spatial Precision (Root Mean Squared Error: RMSE) of less than 1.5% for depth measurements at 2m
Wide Field of View at 90° Horizontal and 65° Vertical
Precise synchronization of depth and color frames; supports multiple-device synchronization.

Gemini 335


Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyStereo
Depth Range*0.10 - 20m+ (Optimal Range: 0.26 - 3m)
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 1280X800@30fps
Depth FOVH90° V65°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 1920X1080@30fps
RGB FOVH86° V55°
ProcessingOrbbec ASIC

*Spatial Precision: ≤ 1.5% (1280 x 800 @ 2m & 90% x 90% ROI)

* Theoretical maximum depth range up to 65 meters

Physical Parameters
Depth FilterAll-Pass
Data ConnectionUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power InputUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power ConsumptionAverage < 3.0W
Operating Environment-10℃ - 45℃; Indoor/Outdoor; 5%-90%RH(non-condensing)
SDK SupportOrbbec SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)90mm x 25mm x 30mm
InstallationBottom: ¼-20UNC ; Back: 2x M3


Autonomous Mobile Robots
3D cameras provide precise environmental awareness for AMRs and enable intelligent path planning and obstacle avoidance. The Gemini 335 model significantly enhances the operational efficiency and safety of AMRs in dynamic environments such as logistics centers and industrial zones.
Delivery Robots
3D cameras assist outdoor delivery robots by generating real-time 3D maps and navigation data, conducting object detection, and facilitating obstacle avoidance. This precise environmental understanding enables delivery robots to accurately identify paths and obstacles in outdoor settings, ensuring reliable and accurate operation.
3D cameras provide collaborative robots with highly precise perception capabilities, enabling accurate object recognition and spatial positioning in collaboration with human workers. This allows cobots to perform intricate industrial tasks such as assembly, inspection, or handling with increased flexibility and safety, thereby enhancing productivity and work quality.
Shelf-stocking Robots
3D cameras provide precise three-dimensional spatial data, enabling robots to efficiently recognize shelves, locate products, and plan paths. These cameras use advanced imaging technology to capture accurate dimensions and positions of items on shelves in real-time, ensuring high efficiency and accuracy in tasks such as automated picking, inventory management, and goods sorting.
3D cameras equip drones with real-time three-dimensional spatial perception and environmental understanding, enabling precise aerial navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance. This allows drones to autonomously plan routes and avoid obstacles during complex flight missions such as terrain mapping, aerial surveillance, or package delivery, ensuring safe flight operations.

Explore Everywhere with Confidence

Engineered for indoor and outdoor: Reliable depth data for broad range of lighting conditions, with safeguarding IP5X against dust ingress, enhancing its adaptability in various environments.

Power at the Edge

Advanced Edge Processing with MX6800: equipped with the advanced MX6800 depth engine ASIC, for reduced latency and enhanced responsiveness, making real-time decision-making faster than ever while eliminating the need for external processing.

Broad and Clear

Wide Field of View with No Blind Spots: delivering a wide field of view of 90° horizontal / 65° vertical and ensuring accurate and uninterrupted depth measurements across large areas, ideal for capturing complete scenes without missing details.

Reliable in Complexity

Active and Passive Stereo Technologies for Complex Environments: integrating both active and passive stereo technologies, for optimized performance under fluctuating lighting and complex scenarios, consistently delivering stable and reliable depth measurements.

Dynamic Precision

Exceptional Motion Compatibility: excellent at capturing and analyzing motion with unparalleled clarity and accuracy, ensuring precise depth and RGB data in fast-moving environments

Compact Synchronized Excellence

Multimodal Perception and Advanced Synchronization: seamless multimodal perception in a compact design, with unified hardware timestamps and precise multi-device coordination, providing greater flexibility and ease of integration in space-constrained setups.

Gemini 335 Vs Gemini 335L?


Gemini 335 Vs Gemini 335L?


Gemini 335

Gemini 335L

Depth TechnologyStereoStereo
Depth Range*0.10 - 20m+ (Optimal Range: 0.26 - 3m)*0.17 - 20m+ (Optimal Range: 0.5 - 6m)
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 1280X800@30fpsUp to 1280X800@30fps
Depth FOVH90° V65°H90° V65°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 1920X1080@30fpsUp to 1280X800@60fps
RGB FOVH86° V55°H94° V68°
ProcessingOrbbec ASICOrbbec ASIC
Depth FilterAll-PassVisible+NIR-Pass
Data ConnectionUSB 3.0 Type-CUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power InputUSB 3.0 Type-CUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power ConsumptionAverage < 3.0WAverage < 3.0W
Operating Environment-10℃ - 45℃; Indoor/Outdoor; 5%-90%RH(non-condensing)-10℃ - 50℃; Indoor/Outdoor; 5%-90%RH(non-condensing)
SDK SupportOrbbec SDKOrbbec SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGBPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)90mm x 25mm x 30mm124mm x 29mm x 27mm
InstallationBottom: ¼-20UNC ; Back: 2x M3Bottom: ¼-20UNC; Back: 2x M4

Gemini 335

Gemini 335L

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