Gemini 2 XL

Ideal as the primary visual system for a variety of robots and numerous AI-based surveillance and interaction systems, the Gemini 2 XL is a long-range, 3D camera that delivers accurate and reliable data in various lighting conditions from pitch black to outdoors. It is easy to set up and operate with the Orbbec SDK and features:

Long range with high quality depth data output from 0.4m to 20m
Low environmental influence
Global shutter for RGB and IR cameras
Wide Field of View at 91° Horizontal and 66° Vertical
USB 2.0 Type-C & POE connectivity
Internal IMU
Multi-camera synchronization

Gemini 2 XL


Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyInfrared Enhanced Stereo
Depth Range*0.4-20m
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 1280X800@10fps/640X400@20fps
Depth FOVH 91° V 65°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 1280 x 800@20fps
RGB FOVH 94° V 68°
ProcessingOBox Computing Module

*Depth Accuracy: < 2% (1280 x 800 @ 4m & 81% ROI) 

Physical Parameters
Data ConnectionUSB 2.0 Type-C, POE (GE)
Power InputUSB 2.0 Type-C, PoE+, DC 12V/2A
Power ConsumptionAverage <7W
Operating Environment0°C - 40°C, < 90%RH (non-condensing), Indoor/Outdoor
SDK SupportOrbbec SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR or RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)Camera: 124mm x 29mm x 26mm;OBox: 130mm x 22.5mm x 71mm
WeightCamera: 152g;OBox: 279g
InstallationCamera: 1 x ¼-20 UNC, 2 x M4 ;OBox: 4 x M3


3D cameras can provide accurate and precise measurements of package dimensions, improving logistics and shipping accuracy.
Warehouse AMR and AGV
Real-time 3D mapping and navigation capabilities with advanced object detection and avoidance are enabling AMRs to operate autonomously and safely in complex environments.
3D maps of indoor environments used in robotics and augmented reality applications are created using 3D cameras.

Superior RGB-D Quality

Enables detection of small objects and excels in high-reflectivity environments. The deep learning algorithms can generate a complete phase map around small objects and fixtures by overcoming challenges faced by traditional algorithms due to shadow, speckle pattern size, illumination condition, etc.

Long-range Camera With Broad Scene Coverage

A depth Field of View (FoV) of up to 101° and high quality depth data output from 0.4m to 20m

Minimal Environmental Light Impact

Offers exceptional performance in outdoor environments with high reflective surfaces, direct sunlight, very dark environment, sharp shape-cased shadows, small texture-caused shadow, etc. Orbbec’s AI algorithms create a solid complete phase map output even under these challenging conditions.

Affordable PoE RGB-D camera

Gemini 2 XL uses a proprietary OBox for affordable computation of complex deep learning algorithms.

Getting Started

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Software Dev Kit

Orbbec SDK is a flexible and modular platform for easy camera setup and runs on Linux/Windows with a rich set of APIs


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