MS200 series LiDAR is a low-cost, single-line high-precision LiDAR sensor launched by Shenzhen Oradar Technology Co., LTD. The Lidar adopts a precise optical scanning system, combined with high frequency laser pulse generation technology and exquisite structural design, and can achieve fast and accurate distance measurement in the range of 360°/12.0m (@90% reflectivity diffuse reflector surface). This product can be widely used in, including navigation and obstacle avoidance for home cleaning robots and indoor service robots, robot ROS teaching, regional security, scanning and 3D reconstruction and many other areas.

Compared to the MS200, MS200k has changed the laser wavelength of the emission module from 940nm to 905nm; additionally, it has increased waterproof measures, which include optimizing the mounting method of the base, adding waterproof stickers to the sides, and sealing the top screw holes with glue.

Up to 12 meter measurement range
Up to 4500Hz sampling rate with minimum angular resolution of 0.4°
Class 1 safety standards
54.3mm*47.0mm*35.0mm (L*W*H),Ultra-small size



Camera Specifications
Measurement PrincipledToF
Measurement Range0.03m~12m@90% reflectivity
Distance AccuracyTypical values: ±10mm [0.03m~ 2.0m) ,±20mm [2.0m~12.0m]
Distance PrecisionTypical values: ≤4mm [0.03m~2.0m), ≤15mm [2.0m~12.0m]
Data OutputDistance, Angle, Intensity, Timestamp
Horizontal FOV360°
Measurement Frequency4,500Hz/s
Frame Rate7~15Hz, default 10Hz
Angular Resolution0.8°@10Hz
Laser Pitch Angle0.5~2°
Laser Wavelength905±10nm
Laser SafetyClass 1
Ambient Illuminance40,000 lux

Physical Parameters
Voltage Supply RangeDC 5.0±0.3V
Voltage supply Ripple<100mV
Peak Power Consumption2.5W
Average Power Consumption1.6W
Operating Temperature-10℃~50℃ Typical 25℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~70℃ Typical 25℃
CertificationRoHS2.0, REACH, CE, FCC

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