JetAuto is an entry-level ROS education robot powered by Jetson Nano. Featuring a Lidar, depth camera and 7-inch screen, JetAuto provides various functionalities, such as robot motion control, mapping and navigation and human feature recognition.

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Smart ROS Robots Driven by AI
SLAM Development and Diverse Configuration
Far-field Voice Interaction
Robot Control Across Platforms



Camera Specifications
Product weight3500g
MaterialFull-metal hard aluminum alloy bracket (anodized)
Battery11.1V 6000mAh Lipo battery
Continuous working life60min
HardwareROS controller and ROS expansion board
Operating systemUbuntu 18.04 LTS + ROS Melodic
SoftwareiOS/ Android app

Physical Parameters
CommunicationUSB/ WiFi / Ethernet
Programming languagePython/ C/ C++/ JavaScript
Storage32GB TF card
ServoHTS-20H serial bus servo
Control methodPhone/ Handle control
Package size (advanced kit)335* 320* 225mm
Package weight (advanced kit)About 4500g


Lidar Mapping Navigation
JetAuto is equipped with lidar, which supports path planning, fixed-point navigation, navigation and obstacle avoidance, multiple algorithm mapping, and realized radar guard and radar tracking functions.
3D Vision AI Upgraded Interaction
JetAuto is equipped with a 3D depth camera, supports 3D vision mapping and navigation, and can obtain 3D point cloud images. Through deep learning, it can realize more interactive gameplay.
MediaPipe Development, Upgraded AI Interaction
JetAuto utilizes MediaPipe development framework to accomplish various functions, such as human body recognition, fingertip recognition, face detection, and 3D detection.

Smart ROS Robots Driven by AI

JetAuto is powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01 and supports Robot Operating System (ROS). It leverages mainstream deep learning frameworks, incorporates MediaPipe development, enables YOLO model training, and utilizes TensorRT acceleration. This combination delivers a diverse range of 3D machine vision applications, including autonomous driving, human feature recognition, and KCF target tracking.

SLAM Development and Diverse Configuration

JetAuto is equipped with a powerful combination of a 3D depth camera and Lidar. It utilizes a wide range of advanced algorithms including gmapping, hector, karto, cartographer and RRT, enabling precise multi-point navigation, TEB path planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance. Using 3D vision, it can capture point cloud images of the environment to achieve RTAB 3D mapping navigation.JetAuto offers two Lidar options: SLAMTEC A1 and EAI G4 (advanced).

Far-field Voice Interaction

JetAuto advanced kit incorporates a 6-microphone array and speaker allowing for fascinating man-robot interaction applications, including Text to Speech conversion, voice wake-up, 360° sound source localization, offline voice recognition, voice-controlled mapping navigation, etc.

Robot Control Across Platforms

JetAuto provides multiple control methods, like WonderAi app (compatible with iOS and Android system), wireless handle, Robot Operating System (ROS) and keyboard, allowing you to control the robot at will. By importing corresponding codes, you can command JetAuto to perform specific actions. Please note that the navigation app is exclusively available for Android system.

6CH Far-field Microphone Array

The 6CH far-field microphone array and speakers support sound source positioning, voice recognition control, voice navigation and other functions.

Interconnected Formation

Through multi-aircraft communication and navigator technology, JetAuto can realize multi-aircraft formation performances and artificial intelligence games.

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