MS500 is a 2D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor launched by Shenzhen Oradar Technology Co. Ltd. The LiDAR uses innovative direct Time of Flight (dToF) ranging technology. The LiDAR comprises a precise rotating-mirror optical scanning system and a high-frequency laser pulse transmitter. Sophisticated optical, mechanical and structural design permits robust and accurate scanning within 270°/30m (@90% reflectivity diffuse reflector surface). The LiDAR can be widely used in many fields, including robot positioning and navigation, area security, logistics, environmental scanning, and 3D reconstruction.

Minimal 30m@90%,10m@10% measurement range, providing the capacity for large-scale environment usage
Up to 30000Hz measurement frequency with high angular resolution,allowing tiny obstacle detection and precise edge detection
Maintains operational stability under 50000 lx ambient light interference
Guaranteed stable operation in a temperature range of -10°C to 55°C
IP65 protection level,high shock resistance,suitable for logistics/security applications



Camera Specifications
Measurement PrincipledToF
Measurement Range≥30m @90% reflectivity ≥10m @10% reflectivity
Distance AccuracyTypical value. ±20mm
Distance PrecisionTypical value. ≤10mm
Data OutputDistance, Angle, Intensity, Timestamp
Horizontal FoV270°
Measurement frequency30000Hz/s
Rotation frequency10Hz/15Hz/20Hz/25Hz/30Hz
Emission pitch angle0° ±1°
Laser Wavelength903±10nm
Ambient Light Limit50,000Lux
Multi-device Anti-interferenceYes

Physical Parameters
F5 Operating voltage12V(9~28V DC)
Power consumptiontyp. <2W,max <5W
Interface type100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet connector,Power supply and time synchronization connection cable
IP RatingIP65
Laser SafetyClass 1
Operation temperature-10℃~55℃
Storage temperature-20℃~70℃
Relative humidity0~85%
CertificationCE-EMC/FCC/RoHS2.0,Class1, FDA registration
Software Development KitSDK/ROS

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