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C Sample Infrared Stream Viewer

C Sample Infrared Stream Viewer

Function description: Demonstrate obtaining infrared camera images, displaying infrared images, and exiting the program with the ESC_KEY key

| This example is based on the C High Level API for demonstration

Create a pipeline for stream configuration

// Create a pipeline to open the Infrared stream after connecting the device
pipeline = ob_create_pipeline(&error);

// Create config to configure the resolution, frame rate, and format of the Infrared stream
ob_config *config = ob_create_config(&error);

// Configure the infrared stream
// Please adjust the sensor according to the actual product, some device types only have OB_SENSOR_IR_LEFT and OB_SENSOR_IR_RIGHT.
ob_stream_profile      *ir_profile = NULL;
ob_stream_profile_list *profiles   = ob_pipeline_get_stream_profile_list(pipeline, OB_SENSOR_IR, &error);

if(profiles == nullptr) {
        "The obtained IR resolution list is NULL. For binocular structured light devices, try using the doubleIr example to turn on the ir data stream. ");
    return 0;

// Find the corresponding profile according to the specified format, first look for the y16 format
ir_profile = ob_stream_profile_list_get_video_stream_profile(profiles, 640, OB_HEIGHT_ANY, OB_FORMAT_Y16, 30, &error);
// If the specified format is not found, search for the default profile to open the stream
if(error) {
    ir_profile = ob_stream_profile_list_get_profile(profiles, OB_PROFILE_DEFAULT, &error);
    error = nullptr;

// enable stream
ob_config_enable_stream(config, ir_profile, &error);

Enable pipeline through config

// Start the pipeline with config
ob_pipeline_start_with_config(pipeline, config, &error);

Release relevant resources

// stop the pipeline
ob_pipeline_stop(pipeline, &error);

// destroy the window
delete win;

// destroy profile
ob_delete_stream_profile(ir_profile, &error);

// destroy profile list
ob_delete_stream_profile_list(profiles, &error);

// destroy the pipeline
ob_delete_pipeline(pipeline, &error);

Expected Output

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