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Firmware release

Firmware release


Make users clear about the version management of firmware release for Gemini 330 series products, how to obtain the latest and historical firmware release, and how to update firmware.



Applicable to all cameras of Orbbec Gemini 330 series.




3.1 Firmware Releases

Firmware releases for the Orbbec Gemini 330 series cameras are stable versions suitable for any stage of end-user product development and production. Currently, the firmware update release cycle is one update version per month. The version numbering scheme is as follows:

Firmware Naming Convention: Product_Name_VersionNumber
The version number follows the format “Release_X.Y”.

  • The increment of the digit X represents a major version update, which is a version that has undergone comprehensive testing.
  • The increment of the digit Y represents a version that has undergone incremental and regression testing.

Customers can take full advantage of the new features and resolved issues throughout all releases.


Download and description of Gemini 300 series firmware

Firmware Release Release Date FW Version SDK Version Supported Pruduct Comment
++Gemini330_Release_1.2.50++ Release_1.2.50 May 30, 2024 1.2.50 1.10.5 Gemini 335/335L New SDK/FW release
++Gemini330_Release_1.2.20++ Release_1.2.20 Apr 28, 2024 1.2.20 1.10.2 Gemini 335/335L New SDK/FW release


3.2  Firmware Update

3.2.1 Users can perform updates through OTA. The method of updating is detailed in the following link:《Gemini 330 Series Update Instructions》

3.2.2 Local firmware updates can be performed using the method outlined in the local firmware update section of the OTA update exception handling.


3.3 Recommend Production Configuration

Date Release FW Version SDK Version Supported Pruduct Comment
May 2024 Release_1.2.50 1.2.50 ++1.10.5++ Gemini 335/335L
Apr 2024 Release_1.2.20 1.2.20 ++1.10.2++ Gemini 335/335L

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