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Regulatory compliance and certificates

Regulatory compliance and certificates

Orbbec Gemini 330 series 3D camera certification and regulatory compliance information are as follows.


Gemini 335


UK:UKCA_Orbbec_Gemini 335

IC:IC_Orbbec_Gemini 335

FCC:FCC_Orbbec_Gemini 335

ROHS:ROHS_Orbbec_Gemini 335

WEEE:WEEE_Orbbec_Gemini 335

REACH:REACH_Orbbec_Gemini 335

CLASS 1 : CLASS 1_Gemini 330 Series


Gemini 335L

CE:CE_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

UK:UKCA_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

IC:IC_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

FCC:FCC_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

ROHS:ROHS_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

WEEE:WEEE_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

REACH:REACH_Orbbec_Gemini 335L

CLASS 1 : CLASS 1_Gemini 330 Series

RCM Report:RCM Report_Gemini 335L

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