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Femto Mega Firmware Upgrade Instructions


   Currently only Linux systems support firmware upgrades for Femto Mega devices. Ubuntu16.04 and above systems are recommended.


1、Materials Needed

1.1 Femto Mega device.

1.2.  Latest version of OrbbecViewer tool and firmware package for upgrading (available on Orbbec’s official website or by contacting after-sales support), unzip both.

1.3.  Fine needle, used to trigger the device to enter upgrade mode.

1.4.  USB data cable: one Micro USB data cable and one USB Type-C data cable.

2、Upgrade Steps

2.1 Modify the permissions of the nvmflash.sh file to add executable permissions.

sudo chmod 777 ./nvmflash.sh

2.2 On the Linux system computer terminal, switch to the tool directory and run OrbbecViewer with root permission.

sudo ./OrbbecViewer

2.3 Find a small hole marked “Registration Pin” on the front of the device body, and a Micro USB port at the bottom of the device.

2.4 Insert a fine needle into the small hole and press down, while keeping it pressed, connect power to the device; and use a Micro USB cable to connect the device to the computer.

2.5 After completing the above steps, you can see the following interface in OrbbecViewer (if not, please retry step 4).

2.6 In OrbbecViewer,  click  button to select the folder path where you unzipped firmware file in upgrade file directory box , then click  button to start firmware upgrade.

2.7 Wait for upgrade to complete , during upgrade process , tool Log box will have `Ongoing processes` output , when upgrade is done there will be `Flash complete (SUCCESS)` output; after upgrade is complete device will automatically restart.

2.8 After device restarts you can use USB Type-C cable to connect device to computer , when connection is successful OrbbecViewer will automatically open device , you can check firmware version number on device information page to confirm whether upgrade was successful.










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