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Setup Femto Mega


This quickstart provides guidance on how to set up your Femto Mega, including how to test 3D camera stream visualization and use associated capabilities.


System Requirements

Review the Hardware Specifications to verify your host computer configuration meets all minimum requirements for Femto Mega.


Set up Hardware

Note: Make sure to remove the protective film from the camera prior to use.

  1. Insert the power connector into the power jack on the back of the device. Connect the USB power adapter to the other end of the cable, then plug the adapter into a power outlet.
  2. Connect one end of the USB data cable to the device and the other end to a USB 3.0 port on your PC.

Note: For best results, connect cables directly to the device and computer. Avoid extenders or additional adapters in connections.

  1. Verify the power indicator LED (next to the USB cable) is solid white.

It takes a few seconds for the device to power on. The device is ready for use when the streaming LED indicator on the front goes out.

For details on the power indicator LED, see Hardware Specifications.

Download the SDK

  1. Go to the Orbbec SDK and K4A Wrapper  download link.
  2. Install the SDK on your PC.


Update Firmware

The latest firmware version is required for the SDK to function properly. To check and update the firmware version, follow the steps in Update Femto Mega Firmware.


Verify Device Streams Data

  1. Launch the K4A Viewer Tool, either from the command line or by double clicking.
  2. In the Femto Mega Viewer, select “Open Device” > “Start”.
  3. Verify the tool visualizes each sensor stream:
    • Depth camera
    • Color camera
    • Infrared camera
    • IMU

Femto Mega setup is now complete. You can now start developing applications.

If you encounter any issues, check out Femto Mega Troubleshooting.


Next Steps

With your Femto Mega up and running, you can also learn how to:Record data to file

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