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K4A Viewer for Femto Mega

The Femto Mega Viewer (found in the tools install directory as k4aviewer.exe) can visualize all device data streams. For example, the path is C:\Program Files\Orbbec-SDK-K4A-Wrapper-vX.Y.Z\tools\k4aviewer.exe , where X.Y.Z is the installed SDK version.

The viewer can be used to:

  • Verify sensors are working properly.
  • Aid device positioning.
  • Experiment with different camera settings.
  • Read device configurations.
  • Play recordings made with the Recorder.



Using the Viewer

The viewer can capture live data from the sensors or play back recorded files.


Launching the Application

Run k4aviewer.exe to start the application.


Using the Viewer with Live Data

  1. In the “Open Device” section, select the device “Serial Number (Device S/N)” to open it. If the device is not listed, select “Refresh Devices”.
  2. Click the “Open Device” button.
  3. Select “Start” to begin streaming data with default settings.


Using the Viewer with Recorded Data

In the “Open Recording” section, navigate to and select the recorded file.



Checking Device Firmware Version

As shown below, the device firmware versions can be accessed in the configuration window.

For example, in this case the depth camera ISP is running FW 1.0.6.



Depth Camera

The depth camera viewer will display two windows:

  • One named “Active IR” showing a grayscale image of the IR brightness.
  • Another named “Depth” representing the depth data in different colors.

Hovering over a pixel in the depth window shows the value from the depth sensor, as below.



RGB Camera

The image below shows the color camera view.

The RGB camera settings can be controlled via the configuration window during streaming.



Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

The IMU window contains two components: the accelerometer and gyroscope.

The top portion is the accelerometer, showing linear acceleration in m/s^2. This includes gravity, so the Z-axis may show around -9.8 m/s^2 if placed flat on a table.

The bottom portion is the gyroscope, showing rotational motion in radians/second.



Point Cloud Visualization

The depth visualized in 3D allows moving through the image using the directional keys.



Sync Control

When configuring multi-device sync, the viewer can set a device to standalone (default), master, or subordinate modes. Select “Refresh” when changing configurations or inserting/removing sync cables.



Next Steps

《Synchronize Multiple Devices》

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