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Orbbec SDK and K4A Wrapper download

Orbbec Femto Bolt is a reliable alternative product to Microsoft Azure Kinect DK. We provide two SDKs for this product: Orbbec SDK and Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper.

Since Orbbec cannot provide upgrades and maintenance of the original AKDK development tools, from a long-term perspective, we recommend you try and use Orbbec SDK which Orbbec has been maintaining and updating as soon as possible. Using Orbbec SDK with Femto Bolt will provide you with richer and more powerful features.

To help users who have developed applications using K4A get started with Orbbec Femto Bolt more quickly and achieve seamless replacement of Microsoft AKDK, we encapsulated Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper on top of Orbbec SDK with maximum compatibility with K4A API. Using this Wrapper, the user’s application does not need to be modified.


Download Orbbec SDK:https://github.com/orbbec/OrbbecSDK/releases

Download Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper:https://github.com/orbbec/OrbbecSDK-K4A-Wrapper/releases.



Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper  contents

  • Headers and libraries to build an application using the Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper .
  • Redistributable DLLs needed by applications using the Orbbec SDK K4A Wrapper .
  • The Azure Kinect Viewer.
  • The Azure Kinect Recorder.

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