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Femto Bolt Device Synchronization

This document describes synchronization of captures between devices.



Internal Device Synchronization

The captures from individual cameras are synchronized in hardware. In each k4a_capture_t containing images from the color and depth sensors, the image timestamps are adjusted based on the hardware’s operating mode. By default, depth and color are aligned by exposure start. The relative delay between depth and color images can be adjusted using thedepth_delay_off_color_usecfield of the k4a_device_configuration_t.



External Device Synchronization

See Hardware Setup for External Sync for hardware setup.

The software for each connected device must be configured to run in either master or subordinate mode. This is configured in the k4a_device_configuration_t.


Subordinate Mode

k4a_device_configuration_t deviceConfig;
deviceConfig.wired_sync_mode = K4A_WIRED_SYNC_MODE_SUBORDINATE

Master Mode

k4a_device_configuration_t deviceConfig;
deviceConfig.wired_sync_mode = K4A_WIRED_SYNC_MODE_MASTER;



Next Steps

Now that you know how to enable and capture device synchronization, you can also check out:《Recording and Playback》


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