Femto Bolt Documentation

Orbbec Femto Bolt is the closest alternate to Microsoft’s Azure Kinect DK (Microsoft’s Azure Kinect Developer Kit Technology Transfers to Partner Ecosystem). Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, it uses Microsoft’s advanced iToF sensing technology and has identical operation modes and performance as the Microsoft Azure Kinect DK. Femto Bolt also has a 4K color camera, IMU, and can be operated with a single USB-C connection for power and data.

This document provides a detailed description of the Orbbec Femto Bolt and highlights its differences from the Azure Kinect DK. The information will help developers become familiar with the Femto Bolt and also integrate it into applications originally developed using the Azure Kinect DK.

A detailed comparison of the Femto Bolt with the Azure Kinect DK can be found at  Comparison with Azure Kinect DK.

About Femto Bolt

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