Drivox: Xesol Innovation’s Advanced Security System for Industrial Vehicles

Founded in 2012, Xesol Innovation develops solutions for autonomous vehicles based on artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision and sensory fusion, as well as technology for biometric verification and real-time maps management.


  • Collision avoidance systems are safety awareness or warning systems designed to reduce the severity of a collision. Such systems are widely used in automobile and mining sectors to avoid accidents.  
  • Collision Warning Systems (CWS), when designed with a safe Human–Machine Interface (HMI), an ADAS, increases safety. • The global collision avoidance system market size was valued at $47.8 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $114.5 billion by 2030.• Xesol’s focus is on personnel safety in warehouse and stockyard settings and uses Orbbec’s 3D cameras for collision detection.• Demand for anti-collision systems has surged from increased use of advanced sensor technology for safety and security systems in vehicles.
  • Warehouses and stock yards have high demands for both safety and efficiency, with forklifts and delivery trucks moving quickly across the workspace and navigating pallets and workers. These workspaces are dynamic and fast-paced, with risk mitigation and collision concerns a focus for operators. 

Solution Delivered

Xesol Innovation is a technological company specialized in neural networks applied to artificial vision. Xesol has developed Drivox® as the successful result of Horux, the company’s neural network specialized in the specific detection of people in different postures. Drivox® is a product derived from a security system for industrial vehicles that detects and differentiates pedestrians from objects both in the front and rear of the vehicle, alerting the operator through a visual and audible alert in the event of a potential risk of collision.

Xesol Innovation’s Drivox product relies on Orbbec’s Astra Mini Series to provide accurate and reliable collision detection data. Using Structured light technology, Orbbec’s Astra Mini Pro perceives objects and people in the path of the projected infrared pattern.




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