Revolutionizing Cargo Management with Digital Innovation: A Case Study on SpeedCargo’s Cargo Eye System

Situated in Singapore, SpeedCargo is an innovative company that aims to digitize cargo management within people’s networks, optimize flight capacity, and automate cargo handling. The company’s flagship product, Cargo Eye, is a transformative cargo digitization system. It captures essential operational data and dimensions to create a comprehensive digital record for each cargo unit.


The cargo industry is rapidly evolving, with an increasing need for quick and precise cargo dimensioning. The industry also requires high-resolution digital cargo records for easy re-identification and creation of an audit trail for the cargo handling process. In addition, there is a need to verify packaging or damage and seamlessly integrate data with existing cargo management systems. All these requirements call for a scalable and configurable solution capable of handling different sizes of cargo, from small carton boxes to large objects like aircraft engines.

Solution Delivered

To meet these challenges, SpeedCargo has delivered a system Cargo Eye, a combination of robotics and artificial intelligence technology, to optimize output and increase productivity in the logistics industry. The system provides accurate dimensioning and high-resolution images in as little as 2 seconds; it also enables the creation of digital cargo records to digitize cargo; and enhances traceability and accountability to optimize planning and operations. Thereby enabling automation for stakeholders in the logistics value chain. The adoption of this automation has helped initial customers achieve 20% to 25% revenue growth from underutilized assets.

The Cargo Eye system powered by Orbbec Femto Mega sensors has revolutionized cargo management. It addresses industry challenges by providing fast dimensioning, creating comprehensive digital cargo records and ensuring seamless data integration. This case study highlights the transformative potential of digital innovation in the freight industry, setting a promising precedent for the future.




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