Orbbec and Cargo Spectre: Revolutionizing Logistics with Advanced 3D Vision Technology


Introduction: Pioneering Precision in Logistics

In the competitive logistics industry, precision, efficiency, and innovation are essential. The collaboration between Orbbec, a leader in 3D vision technology, and Houston-based Cargo Spectre, a pioneer in logistics automation, is setting new standards. Utilizing Orbbec’s advanced Femto Mega depth camera, Cargo Spectre’s Pallet Dimensioner revolutionizes volumetric measurement, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing costs for shippers and carriers globally.



The Challenges: Inaccuracies and Inefficiencies

Traditionally, the logistics sector has struggled with accurately measuring and pricing shipments based on volumetric dimensions. Manual and outdated dimensioning methods introduce inaccuracies and inefficiencies, leading to disputes and operational delays. The growth of e-commerce and irregularly shaped packages, along with the imperative for optimized space utilization, further complicates accurate dimensioning, impacting profitability.


New Solution: Measuring Up to 300 Pieces per Hour

Cargo Spectre directly addresses these challenges with its volumetric dimensioners, powered by Orbbec’s Femto Mega. This technology enables the dimensioner to capture detailed 3D images of freight in seconds, processing up to 300 items per hour. This efficiency ensures accurate pricing, minimizes disputes, and is especially beneficial for smaller businesses. The system’s compatibility with existing warehouse and enterprise resource planning systems streamlines data capture and automates billing, enhancing both accuracy and efficiency.


Orbbec Femto Mega: The Key to the Solution

Orbbec’s Femto Mega cameras, crucial for Cargo Spectre’s improved measurement accuracy and operational efficiency, offer:

High-Resolution Depth Sensing: Uses Microsoft’s industry proven Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology for detailed 3D imaging.

Onboard NVIDIA Depth Engine: The Femto Mega features an onboard NVIDIA Jetson platform depth engine, significantly reducing the computational load on the host system.

Versatile Lighting Performance: Reliable accuracy across different lighting conditions.

Moreover, the Femto Mega, a collaborative innovation with Microsoft and NVIDIA, serves as the ideal successor to Microsoft’s Azure Kinect DK. This partnership not only enhances operational workflows but also offers cost-saving advantages to former Azure Kinect DK users, cementing the Femto Mega’s role in driving logistics automation forward and boosting efficiency.

Orbbec's Femto Mega ToF Camera

Revolutionizing Logistics with 3D Vision

As Cargo Spectre continues to leverage Orbbec’s 3D vision technology, it sets a new standard for operational excellence in logistics, paving the way for future advancements in the industry. This case study not only highlights the success of this particular collaboration but also underscores the potential of 3D vision technology to drive efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability in logistics and beyond.




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