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PHD Solutions specializes in enhancing the warehouse operations of Supply Chain and Logistics companies by boosting profitability and enhancing employee workplace satisfaction metrics. Their integration of the Orbbec Astra Mini S 3D camera into the enVision 100s—a fully integrated portable logistics dimension measurement device—eliminates the requirement for additional equipment. This advancement facilitates automated, millimeter-level measurement of logistics parcels, significantly surpassing manual measurement accuracy. As a result, it substantially improves logistics transport efficiency in a previously unavailable form factor.


Industry Challenge—Low Efficiency Caused by Manual Parcel Measurement


Conventional logistics parcel dimensioning relies heavily on manual processes, including measurement, weighing, scanning, and recording.  This manual workflow results in a substantial workload and low operational efficiency but also introduces errors in measurement data due to human fatigue and oversight. Irregular or bulging parcels further exacerbate inaccuracies in manual measurements, leading to imprecise billing that affects logistics companies’ costs and customer satisfaction. Moreover, during peak seasons or holidays, manual measurement processes struggle to keep up with the increased parcel volume, often causing delays in logistics and delivery.


Astra Mini S Introduces a Novel Approach to Problem Solving


The Astra Mini S, as the integrated visual module unit, provides accurate three-dimensional spatial information that PHD processes using their own algorithms and expertise to deliver the necessary values for automated dimensioning workflows.

( Product Image: Astra Mini S )

The Astra Mini S leverages structured light technology and Orbbec’s custom ASIC for superior depth processing. It delivers high-quality depth data output ranging from 0.35 to 1 meter, enabling comprehensive measurement of parcels. With a single USB 2.0 cable for both power and connectivity, the camera easily integrates into portable devices, ensuring lightweight and efficient measurements.


AI Vision Upgrades Traditional Dimensional Measurement, Enhancing Cost-effectiveness in the Logistics Transport Industry


By integrating the Astra Mini S camera into the integrated portable logistics dimension measurement device enVision 100s, PHD Solutions not only achieves millimeter-level rapid acquisition of logistics parcel dimensions but also seamlessly integrates into parcel weighing and tracking systems. This simple device not only acquires parcel data and synchronously uploads it to the platform but also achieves real-time updating and tracking of parcel location information, enhancing customer satisfaction with logistics services. This not only reduces labor costs in logistics transport but also enhances parcel billing accuracy, transparency in logistics transport services, and improves the order procurement experience for logistics contractors and customers.


Compared to traditional scanning measurement devices, the enVision 100s features a more compact and convenient package thanks to the Astra Mini S’s compact design.  The mature structured light visual technology and stable graphic output was a key component of Astra Mini S that enabled PHD to earn Legal for Trade certification from Measurement Canada.


“Astra Mini S provides a comprehensive solution to enVision 100s, especially in terms of accuracy, speed and portability, significantly improving the efficiency and flexibility of logistics dimension measurement,” said Paul Driegen, Co-Founder of PHD Solutions. “It helps enVision 100s achieve rapid and accurate size and volume measurements in complex and ever-changing logistics scenarios. We look forward to further cooperation in future product solutions from Orbbec.”




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