Fittar revolutionizes the home workout with interactive Smart Box

Fittar, based in the Netherlands, is capitalizing on the evolving consumer needs and preferences, especially during and post the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a surge in demand for at-home fitness solutions and digitization in the fitness industry.

Fittar launched a unique and innovative Smart Box at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, using Orbbec’s technological innovation in 3D vision, that addresses the latest market trends focused on health, vitality, personalized and interactive user experiences.

Consumers can customize their workouts to their specific needs and preferences, and the interactive features help keep them engaged and motivated. The Smart Box offers a library of high-quality workout videos and interactive exercise games that allow users to customize their workouts. The system recognizes the user’s movements with the 3D motion tracking and recognition technology, along with a gamification approach that makes workouts more fun and engaging.

The Fittar Smart Box fosters social connection and support by offering organizations the ability to create challenges consisting of exergames, workout videos, and surveys, providing a social and supportive environment for users.

By combining fitness with smart technology and gamification, Fittar is breaking the gridlock and providing a new category of fun and engaging workouts that meet evolving consumer needs and preferences.


We are excited to partner with Orbbec. By blending clever technology with fitness routines and gamification, FITTAR offers a completely new approach to fitness and training, making working out fun, surprising and competitive. By combining Orbecc’s innovative technology with our smart fitness platform, we are able to bring a new experience to the end user. We are very motivated to keep working closely together with Orbbec, introducing more innovative products to the market.

Alje Hoving
Co-founder FITTAR




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Laan van Westenenk 4, 7336 AZ Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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