Empower NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform developers with Comprehensive 3D Vision Solutions

High-performance RGB-D cameras, powered by or ready to be integrated with Jetson platform.

ROS drivers and USD models available for Isaac Sim and Omniverse platforms

ODM services for custom and embedded vision solutions.

Selection of Cameras Powered by Jetson Nano

Femto Mega

Industry’s highest resolution RGB-D camera powered by Jetson Nano

  • 1 Mega Pixel TOF sensor, 120° FOV depth and 4K RGB cameras.
  • Runs all camera functions, including advanced depth vision algorithms.
  • PoE and USB connections for both data and power.

Femto Mega I

Industry’s highest resolution IP65 RGB-D camera powered by Jetson Nano

  • IP65 rated for industrial environments
  • 1 Mega Pixel wide 120° FOV depth and a 4K RGB cameras.
  • Runs all camera functions, including advanced depth vision algorithms.
  • Industrial PoE connection for both data and power.
  • IMU and advanced sync system.

Persee N1

RGB-D Camera + Computer powered by Jetson Nano

  • All-inclusive device for 3D vision developers.
  • Easy to deploy self-contained all in one device.
  • Computer with data and accessory ports.
  • Integrated high performance stereo vision camera.

A wide selection of RGBD cameras and LiDAR systems ready for integration with Jetson platform

Stereo Vision Camera
Structured Light Camera
Astra 2

Isaac Sim and Omniverse

Femto Mega is the 1st 3D camera USD model with ToF sensing technology and the Jetson Platform.
Isaac Sim developers can use USD models of Orbbec’s cameras for robotics simulation.

Users can interact with Omniverse scenes and develop and test SW applications using USD models of Orbbec’s Femto Mega (TOF), Gemini 2 (Stereo Vision) and MS200 (LiDAR) cameras.

Isaac ROS

Orbbec cameras with available ROS2 drivers have been tested and validated to work seamlessly with the NVIDIA ROS pipeline.

Custom Design and ODM Services

Enterprises looking for embedded or custom vision solutions can benefit from Orbbec’s long experience in building products for the logistics, robotics, industrial, retail and healthcare sectors. Our expertise spans vision and illumination systems,  system design, product design, prototype builds to mass scale production and support.

We support you throughout the entire product lifecycle, ensuring a seamless transition from design to manufacturing and supply chain management.

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