Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape: How LightGuide Systems Leverages Orbbec’s 3D Cameras for Enhanced Productivity and Quality

LightGuide Systems, the world’s leading patented visual guidance platform, has been at the forefront of industrial innovation. Their transformative technology includes five patents that leverage the best of human intelligence to light the path to a more efficient, productive future. By using Orbbec’s 3D camera, LightGuide Systems delivers the right information, in the right place, at the right time. Their industrial Augmented Reality (AR) platform has produced immediate impact on quality, productivity, and training.


The manufacturing industry grapples with numerous challenges, including intense competition, complex supply chains vulnerable to disruptions, and the requirement of a skilled workforce. With an ever-evolving global marketplace, manufacturing companies need to produce high-quality products at competitive prices to maintain their foothold. Moreover, they need to invest in workforce development to attract and retain skilled workers.

Solution Delivered

LightGuide solution for the primary applications on the factory floor, including


Significantly improve assembly lines’ efficiency and accuracy. Workers can view 3D projections of assembly instructions directly onto the components they’re working on, reducing the chances of errors.

Part Picking & Kitting

The system will guide workers through the process of part picking and kitting, making it easier and faster. Workers can view virtual overlays of the items they need to pick, helping them locate items more quickly and accurately.

Testing and Inspection

With AR and 3D cameras, testing and inspection processes are more accurate and efficient. Workers can use AR to overlay digital checklists and instructions on the physical object being inspected. The 3D cameras provide a detailed, three-dimensional view of the product, making it easier to spot defects or inconsistencies.


Allowing new employees to learn processes quickly and safely. Trainees can follow AR-guided instructions, and 3D cameras can track their movements to provide real-time feedback. This interactive, hands-on approach results in a more engaging and effective learning experience.


Workers can see a virtual overlay of maintenance instructions on the machine needing repair. This helps them identify problem areas more quickly and accurately, and allows workers to visualize the internal components and understand how they work together.

Based on the study, LightGuide solution helps clients improve quality by 90%, throughput by 50% and training effectiveness by 30%. LightGuide’s plug-and-play AR solutions target functionality to meet a wide range of industry demands, including automotive, aerospace, and defense, with precision and consistency. The platform captures real-time operational metrics and analytics at any business scale to drive operational improvement with an ROI of six months or less. LightGuide system enables production solutions for smarter, safer, and more efficient manual manufacturing processes.

LightGuide’s 6-year partnership with Orbbec continues to deliver manufacturing results for companies worldwide that require proven industry 4.0 technologies to dramatically increase their quality, productivity, and training effectiveness on the shop florr. Projection-based augmented reality work instructions by LightGuide together with Orbbec’s 3D sensor technology builds defect prevention into any manual process.

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CEO, Light Guide Systems




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