Premier Access Pack ID: The Innovative Solution for Enterprise Security

OneVisage was founded in Switzerland in 2016 to tackle identity theft. The company’s mission is to deliver best-in-class authentication technologies and OEM solutions to large IT integrators, hardware manufacturers, cybersecurity vendors and identity & access management solution providers that eradicate digital identity theft and phishing attacks.


  • The demand for identity and access management solutions is gaining traction due to rising regulatory compliance and security concerns. Growing cloud adoption is one of the major factors responsible for the growth of the market.
  • The global identity and access management market was projected to grow from $13.41B in 2021 to $34.52B in 2028.
  • OneVisage’s mission is to protect users and enterprises against digital identity theft by providing custom 2FA solutions comprising 3D facial biometry used in an ethical way.
  • Key drivers of the IAM market include an increase in cybercrime and fraudulent activities owing to the rapid adoption of cloud and similar emerging technologies.

Solution Delivered

OneVisage is a leading cyber-security company that develops white-labeled Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) technologies and 2FA authentication solutions for hardware/software integrators, cybersecurity vendors and digital identity solution providers.

Premier Access Pack ID solution, codeveloped with Orange Business Services is the first in the market to combine a mobile credential solution (Pack ID by Orange Business Services) and an autonomous 3D facial verification kiosk to enhance the level of security of existing access controls solutions and sensitive services for enterprises.

Premier Access Pack ID is first in the market to propose an innovative approach of the 3D facial biometry technology to safety and security for access control. Today, classical plastic and smartphone badges (the end-user’s device) offer a good level of security, however, they can be easily exchanged, lost or stolen. Therefore, authenticating the end-user’s device does not mean authenticating the registered device user. Premier Access Pack ID introduces a second authentication factor that verifies the smartphone holder by performing a 3D facial check (1 to 1) thanks to an external verification kiosk (powered by Orbbec, Eltouch and OneVisage) prior to presenting the Pack ID mobile credential to the access/service reader.

ELO’s bundled solution incorporating Orbbec’s Embedded S camera allows OneVisage a commercial off-the-shelf kiosk for POS (point-of-sale) and access control.


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