Mastering 3D Interaction: Orbbec Teams Up with Geeklight to Create an Immersive Fantasy World

In recent years, 3D light interaction has become a popular application in many commercial and artistic exhibition spaces due to its immersive and engaging experiences. In the field of gesture interaction, Orbbec has partnered with the high-end multimedia brand “Geeklight” to leverage the Orbbec Femto Bolt 3D camera, co-developed with Microsoft, to create a series of unique 3D immersive interactive projection applications, including multi-person interactive light shows and fluid art experiences.

In the virtual spaces developed by Geeklight, players can directly interact with dynamic fluid art projections using Orbbec’s Femto Bolt’s excellent gesture interaction capabilities. This allows them to experience the visual effects of fluid particles in various virtual spaces such as oceans, beaches, forests, and ink art spaces. Additionally, the depth field provided by the 3D camera allows users to turn an ordinary table into a touch-sensitive device with a simple hand wave.

Dr. Liu Bicheng, the technical director of Geeklight, stated, “Real-time human-machine interaction requires high response speed and accuracy from the devices. The high-speed and detailed TOF depth data provided by Femto Bolt is the reason we chose this device. It makes complex real-time human-machine interaction smooth and enjoyable. We utilized the high-quality data from Femto Bolt to achieve novel forms of human-machine interaction, such as multi-person gesture capture without wearable devices, air-simulated mouse, and touch on non-flat projection surfaces. For example, in the ‘Fluid Master’ application, viewers can directly interact with dynamic fluid art projections and experience the visual changes caused by air gestures. Femto Bolt’s technical support ensures that this interaction is not only fast but also exceptionally accurate, greatly enhancing the audience’s experience and satisfaction.”

Caption: The advanced iToF 3D camera Femto Bolt co-developed by Orbbec and Microsoft


Key Advantages of Orbbec Femto Bolt:

  • Outstanding Depth Perception: Femto Bolt is a 3D camera designed with Microsoft’s advanced ToF sensing technology, featuring the same operational mode and performance as the Microsoft Azure Kinect DK depth camera. This capability allows the camera to capture not only planar visual information but also accurately measure and understand the position and distance of objects in space, which is crucial for precise human-machine interaction.
  • Real-Time Performance: In human-machine interaction applications, the system must respond quickly to user actions to ensure a smooth interactive experience. Femto Bolt can capture depth data at a high frame rate (30fps) and integrates multi-mode depth imaging modules, color imaging modules, and inertial sensors to achieve real-time feedback and interaction.
  • Resolution and Precision: High-resolution depth data can capture detailed user actions more accurately, which is especially important for complex gesture recognition and precise interactive operations. Femto Bolt outputs 4K RGB high-resolution images and supports HDR functionality, improving the system’s ability to interpret actions, reducing misrecognition, and enhancing the reliability of interactions.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Femto Bolt features a compact design, with a body depth size only half that of the Azure Kinect DK, making it easy to integrate into various devices. For multi-device synchronization, Femto Bolt uses a more versatile and functionally expansive 8-pin GPIO interface and corresponding connectors. Additionally, Femto Bolt employs a reliable locking USB-C interface for power and data transmission, ensuring greater safety and stability.

Beyond human-machine interaction, Orbbec Femto Bolt is widely applicable in high-precision industrial robotic arm gripping, volume measurement, collaborative robots, 3D human reconstruction, medical, and health 3D vision applications. Orbbec welcomes more enterprises and developers to use Femto Bolt to explore innovative commercial applications.

For more information about the Femto Bolt, please visit our product page.


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