Munti Magic Enhances Immersive Play Experience with Orbbec’s 3D Camera

Munti Magic, Trondheim, Norway, mixes digital and analog play to create new, fun and social activities for children and families on the move. Munti Magic works with museums, science centers, travel industry and retail clients all over the world.

The main product. Munti Box can turn both a tiny corner and a large venue into an immersive play zone.


  • Companies want to offer more engaging shopping experiences with motion-based and touch-free interactions.
  • Since the pandemic, people pay more attention on the touch-free concept to avoid disease.

Solution Delivered

The Munti Box uses the Orbbec Astra Mini RGB-D sensor to enable motion-based and touch-free interactions to complement the touch-based interactions and enhance the versatility of the Munti Box. Currently Able Magic is using the sensor for silhouette extraction, which gives robust results with no delay.

The RGB-D sensor adds to the uniqueness of the Munti Box by adding something rarely seen on such play installations, and it gives developers more options to make surprising and exciting actions for the users.

Orbbec 3D technology increased the perceptiveness and satisfaction of the Munti box for all ages of users. The integration of the 3D camera brings languageless communication and interaction to our family especially for our little loved ones.

Vegard Eik-Nes
CMO of Munti Magic


Retail & Consumer


Digital Play Solutions


Skippergata 11, 7042 Trondheim, Norway

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