Femto is the first time of flight 3D camera from Orbbec, with on board depth processing, IMU and easy to use data connectivity with USB 3.0 interface. Femto has a VGA resolution, range from 0.2 to 5 meters, multi-camera synchronization support and can be used in complete darkness. The Orbbec SDK makes it easy to setup and deliver extremely accurate and reliable data.

High quality depth data from 0.2m to 5m
Up to 30 fps at 640X480 depth resolution
Up to 30 fps at 1920X1080 depth resolution
Multi-camera synchronization supported
IMU supported



Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyTime of Flight
Depth Range*0.2-5m
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 640X480@30fps
Depth FOVH64.6° V50.8°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 1920X1080@30fps
RGB FOVH86.2° V55.2°
ProcessingIn-Camera Processing

*Precision:≤0.2% @ 1m

Physical Parameters
Data ConnectionUSB 3.0 Type-C
Power InputUSB 3.0 Type-C, DC 5V/3A
Power ConsumptionAverage <5.8W
Operating Environment0℃ - 40℃; Indoor; 10%-95%RH (non-condensing) 
SDK SupportOrbbec SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)99mm ×25mm × 69mm
InstallationBottom: ¼-20UNC Side: 4 x M2.5


Combined with skeleton tracking software, Orbbec 3D camera helps the patients create personalized exercises and treatments.
Bin Picking
3D cameras help detect and locate objects in a bin or moving belt with high precision, making it easier for robotic arms to pick up the objects accurately.
Body Sizing
3D camera-based body scans provide highly accurate body measurements for best fitting of clothing and apparel.

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