Orbbec Expands Global Management Team with Industry Experts from Intel and Microsoft


New hires bring 40+ years of collective industry experience to further accelerate Orbbec’s vision technology for AI applications


Troy, MI, March 26, 2024 – Orbbec, an industry leader dedicated to 3D vision systems, is pleased to announce the expansion of its global business team. Orbbec proudly welcomes Michael McSweeney, formerly Sales Director of Intel RealSense, as the new Vice President of Sales. Joining Michael are Brad Suessmith and Karthick Kandasamy, former core team members of Intel RealSense and distinguished experts in robotics. Brad assumes the role of Sales Manager for Robotics, while Karthick steps into the position of EMEA Sales & Operations Director. Additionally, Orbbec brought on Amit Banerjee as the Head of Partnerships, leveraging his extensive experience from Microsoft Azure Kinect DK.

Michael McSweeney, Brad Suessmith, Karthick Kandasamy, Amit Banerjee

Meet the New Team Members

  • Michael McSweeney: With over 20 years of experience in high-tech hardware and software sales, Michael’s leadership as the former Sales Director for Intel RealSense will drive Orbbec’s sales strategy forward.
  • Brad Suessmith: Bringing over 13 years of experience at Intel, specializing in sales for the RealSense robotics product line, Brad joins Orbbec as Sales Manager for Robotics.
  • Karthick Kandasamy: With over 18 years at Intel and based in Germany, Karthick brings his expertise to Orbbec as EMEA Sales & Operations Director.
  • Amit Banerjee: Known for his leadership in advancing Microsoft Azure Kinect DK ecosystem, Amit takes on the role of Head of Partnerships, strengthening Orbbec’s partnerships and ecosystem development efforts.


“We are delighted to welcome Michael, Brad, Karthick, and Amit to the Orbbec team. Their combined expertise in sales, robotics, and partnerships will be instrumental in driving our global expansion efforts,” said Howard Huang, Founder and CEO of Orbbec. “These appointments come at a time of pivotal growth for Orbbec. We are confident that their contributions will propel us to even greater success as we continue to provide innovative products and solutions to customers worldwide.”

Committed to delivering vision solutions for AI developers that propel the global logistics industry forward, Orbbec continues to drive independent research, innovation, and commercial applications of 3D vision perception technology. With products like Femto Bolt, Femto Mega, and Gemini 2 series, Orbbec pushes boundaries in depth accuracy and stability, surpassing industry benchmarks.

To learn more, visit www.orbbec.com.


About Orbbec

Orbbec Inc. is a visionary leader in 3D vision technology, dedicated to making 3D vision accessible and pervasive in the modern world. With a mission to popularize 3D vision technology for the 3D world, Orbbec is committed to creating a full-stack platform for industry solution developers and building smart products with industry-leading performance and price.

The company is committed to being at the forefront of robot vision and AI vision technology, delivering cutting-edge 3D vision cameras and solutions for a wide range of applications including robotics, AI vision, 3D scanning, biometrics, and beyond. With a global clientele exceeding 1,000 across various industries, Orbbec continues to pioneer the advancement of 3D vision capabilities worldwide. Follow Orbbec on X, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates and innovations in 3D vision technology.


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