Orbbec Debuts Femto Mega Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI and Robotics Platform


Orbbec, a leading global 3D camera manufacturer, today announced the launch of its latest product, the Femto Mega, at CES 2023. It integrates the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform for software-defined depth vision, and is aimed at removing barriers for developers of robotics
applications with the combination of sensing and accelerated computing for AI and digital twin creation.

The programmable multi-mode camera with AI processing powered by NVIDIA Jetson can be operated as an IoT device in robotics, logistics, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and fitness solutions. The built-in NVIDIA Jetson Nano™ system-on-module is used to run advanced depth vision algorithms, can be directly connected to servers or the cloud and eliminates the need for an external computer.

Developers using the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform can now add the Femto Mega to enable robots to operate autonomously in unstructured environments and navigate and interact with their environment. The high-performance depth processing is required for
object recognition, obstacle detection, pick and place in palletization/depalletization applications.

“Femto Mega is aimed at extending the capabilities of 2D and 3D sensing from the physical world to digital twins in the virtual world,” said Amit Banerjee, Head of Platform and Partnerships at Orbbec. “We’re excited about our collaboration with NVIDIA to bring the best combination of 3D sensing and AI-accelerated computing for developers deploying intelligent robots and automation applications.”

The Orbbec team will be demonstrating Femto Mega and other 3D camera products and integrated partner solutions at CES 2023. Look for the Orbbec exhibit at North Hall, Booth 10838 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. To learn more about Orbbec, check out www. orbbec3d.com.

About Orbbec

Orbbec is on a mission to popularize 3D vision technology for the 3D world, create a full-stack platform for industry solution developers and build smart products with industry-leading performance and price.

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