Orbbec 3D Cameras Hold Over 70% Market Share in the Chinese Service Robot Industry.


According to a recent industry report by GGII, a leading Chinese robotics research firm, Orbbec has attained over 70% market share in the 3D vision sensor segment for service robots in China. This positions Orbbec as the dominant provider in this rapidly growing market.

The GGII report forecasts strong continued expansion of China’s service robot industry. Production reached 102,400 units in 2022, up 30.6% year-over-year. Analysts predict a compound annual growth rate exceeding 27% over the next few years, with output potentially reaching 270,000 units by 2026.

As service robots typically utilize 2 to 4 sensors, with 3D vision as the primary modality, sensor demand is expected to rise in tandem. GGII projects 3D sensor unit demand will grow at over 30% annually, reaching nearly 800,000 units in 2026. They estimate 3D sensors will comprise close to 80% of this total.

According to the report, Orbbec has established itself as a leading global supplier of 3D perception solutions over the past 7 years, providing a diverse portfolio of 3D vision products including structured light, time-of-flight, and LiDAR sensors.

Orbbec has cultivated partnerships with over 100 robotics companies in China, working with many established players across a wide variety of service robot applications. These collaborations demonstrate Orbbec’s experience and reputation within the industry.

While continuing to address current market needs, the report notes that Orbbec maintains a long-term technology vision focused on emerging intelligent and autonomous robotics. Their expertise in 3D perception aims to enable the next generation of embodied AI robots.

In summary, through technical leadership and strategic partnerships, Orbbec has achieved a commanding position supplying essential 3D vision components for China’s rapidly expanding service robot market. The company appears well-poised to maintain market leadership as adoption of embodied intelligent robots continues to accelerate.

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