MODEX 2024 | Orbbec’s 3D Cameras Empower Innovation in the Smart Logistics Industry


Atlanta, GA, March 11th — The MODEX 2024 event, the premier international gathering for logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain professionals in the United States, has successfully wrapped up at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. Hosted by MHI, the nation’s leading association for material handling, logistics, and supply chain, this event brought together thousands of industry experts and showcased pioneer solutions designed to streamline end-to-end operations.

We are delighted to see Orbbec’s cameras were at the heart of several key demonstrations by our customers, including Pelican Robotics and Cargo Spectre. Attendees had the opportunity to see firsthand how Orbbec’s 3D vision technology is enabling innovation and helping solving difficult challenges in the logistics industry.


Innovations on Display


  • AI Vision Meets Pick-and-Place Robotics

(Pelican Robotics showcased a live demonstration at the exhibition site)

At the exhibition, Pelican Robotics, known for their robotic pick-and-place solutions, revealed a fully automated system for logistics pallet stacking and palletizing. Their robotic arms, equipped with Orbbec’s advanced Femto Mega 3D cameras, demonstrated exceptional versatility by handling boxes of various sizes and shapes from conveyor belts. This technology enabled the robots to accurately measure box volumes, identify them with precision, and determine the optimal stacking order. Following system commands issued by on-site personnel, the robotic arms seamlessly executed the full sequence from retrieving items off the conveyor belt to orderly stacking them on pallets. This automation marks a significant leap forward in logistics efficiency, propelling warehouse management into the AI-driven future.

Cargo Spectre showcased a live demonstration at the exhibition site

A Pelican Robotics spokesperson said, “3D vision greatly enhances the efficiency and precision of our robotic arms. The AI palletizing technology we showcased delivers precise location detection, dimension measurement, box recognition, and spatial planning.”

Rohan Bhagwat, Head of Sales- Cargo Spectre
Tom Striker, Operations Manager- Cargo Spectre
Jeremy Joachim, CTO - Cargo Spectre
David MT Chung, Robotics Sales Manager   - Orbbec
  • Revolutionizing Dimensional Measurement with Cargo Spectre

Cargo Spectre, a pioneer in volumetric measurement systems, demonstrated their cutting-edge solution for pallet dimensioning. Utilizing Orbbec’s Femto Mega 3D camera, their system quickly and accurately captured the dimensions of goods, streamlining the measurement process, reducing errors associated with manual methods, and optimizing space utilization for logistics operators. This innovation promises to significantly boost warehouse capacity and transport efficiency, enhancing competitiveness in the logistics sector.

For a deeper dive into these technologies, explore our case study and accompanying video.


Multiway Robotics employed Orbbec's 3D camera technology at MODEX 2024

Orbbec’s 3D cameras were also featured in demonstrations by other emerging players in the industry. Multiway Robotics, an provider of intelligent logistics solutions, integrated the Orbbec Gemini E 3D camera into their systems, showcasing the adaptability and efficiency of Orbbec’s technology in a variety of settings.

Orbbec’s ToF cameras at the heart of logistics solutions

Ecommerce is driving the demands for increased delivery efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Streamlining the entire logistics process, from warehousing to delivery, is essential for smart logistics evolution. Orbbec’s innovative products are designed to meet these critical demands.

Femto Mega (Left)/ Femto Bolt

Developed using Microsoft’s industry-leading Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, Femto Bolt and Femto Mega excel in complex storage environments, enhancing goods picking processes, and optimizing space utilization during stacking and loading.

Both devices have identical depth camera modes and performance but are tailored to suit different solution architectures. The Femto Bolt, with its compact design, is easily mounted and powered via a single USB 3.0. It requires an attached compute unit for depth calculations software. The Femto Mega, featuring a built-in Nvidia Jetson Nano, supports depth computation internally and offers USB or PoE connections, ideal for setups requiring extended cable lengths.

Orbbec’s products were featured by many solution providers in MODEX 2024. Driven by our vision of “3D Vision for a 3D World,” we are committed to delivering vision solutions for AI developers that propel the global logistics industry forward.

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