Petrel A

The Petrel series depth camera uses structured light 3D imaging technology to obtain depth images, while using a color camera to capture color images. The small size of the Petrel depth camera makes it easy to integrate, providing system integrators with flexibility to design a variety of products. The Petrel series depth camera supports cross-platform development toolkits, providing excellent raw data for face recognition scenarios

Deep computing processor MX6000
Supports depth and color image hardware alignment
Supports USB2.0
Supports BCTC enhanced live detection
Small size: 59.60mm*17.40mm*11.10mm
Depth image output: 640*400@30fps
Independent color image output: 920*1080@30fps

Petrel A


Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyActive Stereo IR
Depth Range0.25~1.0m
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 640*400@30fps
Depth FOVH67.9° V45.3°
RGB Resolution/FPSUp to 640*480@30fps
RGB FOVH71° V43.7°
ProcessingOrbbec ASIC

*Relative accuracy: 81% FOV standard deviation, ≤0.7% @ 300mm; ≤0.4% @ 600mm; ≤0.5% @ 1000mm Absolute accuracy: Typical system error, ≤2.4% @ 300mm, ≤1.4% @ 600mm, ≤2% @ 1000mm;

Physical Parameters
Data ConnectionUSB2.0
Power InputUSB2.0
Power ConsumptionAverage <2W
Operating Environment0℃ ~50℃;Indoor/Semi-Outdoor; 10%-85%H
SDK SupportOrbbec OpenNI SDK
Data OutputPoint Cloud, Depth Map, IR & RGB
Dimensions (W*H*D)59.60mm(W) * 17.40mm(H) * 11.10mm(T)
InstallationReference design


Body Scan
A 3D camera-based whole-body scan provides a comprehensive overview of a person’s health and body composition.
Quality Control
High precision 3D measurements of product dimensions and surfaces in the manufacturing process enable consistent quality and reduce wastage.
Combined with skeleton tracking software, Orbbec 3D camera helps the patients create personalized exercises and treatments.

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