The U3 product integrates the MX6300 deep computing chip and NPU chip, using facial depth imaging for live recognition and infrared imaging for facial recognition, and outputs the recognition results to the door lock main control MCU for related interactions with smart locks.

Utilizing infrared imaging and depth information of the face,achieving high-precision face recognition and anti-counterfeiting
Able to completely filter out planar attacks
Adopting 3D structured light multimodal fusion algorithm
with defense capability above 99.9%
Can recognize faces normally in low light and outdoor lighting at night
Quick start-up, 0 power consumption in standby mode after power-off
Smaller size, lower power consumption,and more convenient for customer structural design



Camera Specifications
Depth TechnologyStructured Light
Depth Range0.3~1.0m
Depth Resolution/FPSUp to 600*800@26fps
Depth FOVH52° V66°
RGB Resolution/FPSN/A
ProcessingOrbbec ASIC
storage capacity100 People
Recogniton MethodMaximum face single-person recognition
Living IdentificationVarious material pictures, videos, silicone headgear, plaster image, resin mask, plastic mask, half face mask and so on can be effectively intercepted
Identification accuracyPass rate TAR> 98% @ FAR = 10^6
Biopsy accuracyTPR:> 99%.9 FPR: <0.1%
Identify distance0.35m-1m
Height range1.1m-2m
Face postureYaw:±25° / Roll:±25° / Pitch:±25°
Physical Parameters
Data ConnectionUART communication
Power InputUART communication
Power ConsumptionAverage <0.85W
Operating Environment-10℃ ~60℃;Indoor/Semi-Outdoor; 10%-93%H
SDK SupportN/A
Data OutputN/A
Dimensions (W*H*D)41mm * 27.2mm * 8.72mm
InstallationReference design


Body Scan
A 3D camera-based whole-body scan provides a comprehensive overview of a person’s health and body composition.
Quality Control
High precision 3D measurements of product dimensions and surfaces in the manufacturing process enable consistent quality and reduce wastage.
Combined with skeleton tracking software, Orbbec 3D camera helps the patients create personalized exercises and treatments.

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