Revolutionizing Commercial Cleaning:  the Implementation and Success of LionsBot’s Absolute 3 Autonomous Cleaning Robot

LionsBot, a Singapore-based robotics company, has been at the forefront of the autonomous cleaning robots industry since its inception. The company’s commitment to utilizing the power of AI and machine learning led to the launch of an innovative product in 2020, known as the Absolute 3. This sophisticated cleaning robot was designed with the aim to significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of commercial cleaning.


Before the arrival of Absolute 3, commercial cleaning companies were heavily reliant on manual cleaning processes. These traditional methods not only consumed considerable time and labor but also often led to inconsistent cleaning quality. The health risks associated with manual cleaning, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, presented a further challenge, underscoring the urgent need for a safer, more efficient solution.

Solution Delivered

The Absolute 3 emerged as a transformative solution to these challenges. Developed by LionsBot, this cutting-edge robot is equipped with Orbbec Gemini E 3D cameras and multiple sensors, enabling it to navigate and clean autonomously. These 3D cameras provide the Absolute 3 with enhanced spatial awareness, improving its navigation and obstacle detection capabilities. Further, the machine learning algorithms in the robot enable it to learn from each cleaning task it performs, optimizing its performance over time.

In a strategic move towards implementing the Absolute 3, LionsBot entered a partnership with a leading cleaning company in Singapore, CBM Pte Ltd. The collaboration involved deploying the Absolute 3 at CBM’s clients’ premises to clean various commercial spaces, including offices, malls, and hospitals. The Absolute 3, with its 3D vision and advanced AI, outperformed manual cleaning methods in both efficiency and accuracy.Thanks to its 3D cameras and AI, the robot has reduced cleaning time by an average of 30%, translating into significant cost savings for CBM and its clients.

LionsBot’s Absolute 3, with Orbbec Gemini E 3D cameras and AI equipped, has revolutionized the commercial cleaning industry. The successful deployment of the Absolute 3 with CBM Pte Ltd highlights the transformative potential of robotics, AI, and 3D vision technology in the cleaning industry, setting a promising precedent for the future.

Potential of robotics, AI, and 3D vision technology in the cleaning industry, setting a promising precedent for the future.




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